RetroPie 3.2.1 for NOOBS installer

I made a RetroPie 3.2.1 image for NOOBS using this guide.

Once you downloaded the file, verify archive integrity, extract the folder ‘RetroPie’ and place it in ‘os’ folder in NOOBS installer.

Copy NOOBS files to MicroSD and start installation process.

MD5:  bd740448161dc088adda87e15c623cfb

N.B: I did not change the installation slides of Raspbian.

OpenDingux stabile

Segnalo l’uscita della prima versione stabile di OpenDingux per la console portatile Dingoo a320 . Potete scaricarla qui.


I have compiled OpenDingux kernel (for ILI9331 screen) and rootfs for Dingoo a320 from latest source code available.